What are Container Socks made of ?

Container Socks are made of 360gsm recyclable banner material. We can also make out of a thicker 440gsm PVC material for Container Socks that will be used longer term.

Do Container Socks have a roof panel ?

Yes, all Container Socks have a roof panel for ease of install and to protect your shipping container from the elements.

Do the ends of Container Socks open so I can access the shipping container doors ?

Yes, all Container Socks come with both ends able to open, again, for ease of installation and also to enable access through shipping container doors.

Can I have zippers in the ends ?

Of course. You can choose between a full length zipper in each corner or if your stacking containers on top of each other, we can use Stayput toggles to join sides to ends of you Container Socks

How do I get my Container Sock ?

We can ship Australia wide - no problems.