event branding with container sock

Event Branding

Shipping Container Socks are an awesome way to brand any major sporting or community event with information, sponsors, upcoming dates or just a simple club or business logo. We can help out with your graphic design too!


Advertise your business and services with a Container Sock. We can customise your artwork to suit our templates and make a boring old shipping container into a cost effective billboard to advertise your products or upcoming deals.

advertise with a container sock
shipping container camouflage


Shipping Container Socks are a great way to make unsightly containers blend into their surroundings and not attract any unwanted attention. If you live on a rural block and want to make yours less obvious, get in contact with us and we can work out the best design to suit your property.


Protecting your shipping container with a Container Sock is a great way to keep out excess water and protect your stuff if your container has some leaks or rust in the roof. We can make a solid roof Container Sock with zips in each corner to create a barrier between the elements and your container. We can even make your container sock look like corrugated iron in any colour to match your house or shed.

protect your shipping container